1 - Temporal Advent

Our adventure begins! Sesame runs into a newbie mage, Kibbles at a tavern. After defeating a monster, Sesame’s loot is stolen by a thief named Dante. Meanwhile, in another time period, an engineer, Claire gets flung through space and time while an ominous figure watches. Crash-landing between Sesame and Kibbles, the three make a pact to travel together. Along the way, they meet a shady merchant named Farron and later, a shy blacksmith named Mason. Sesame receives a mysterious letter and has reason to believe she is being followed. A dramatic unveiling happens at the same tavern later that night.

2 - Crossroads

Enter Sir Kylar McLaughlin, Lieutenant Commander of the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Alder. During routine work, he is approached by the heir to the throne, Prince Drayven Alder. Given a special mission and a promise of a seat on his council. Drayven has an unlikely encounter himself with the bombastic necromancer, Valmont. Who has a great interest in the Prince with a proposition of his own. Meanwhile, our party runs into Mason who is also traveling to Northon, and decides to group up. Sesame tells her past to Claire. Later, the group runs into Farron during a heist gone wrong. However, a new valuable artifact is now in their possession.

3 - The Implant

Farron and Mason have an explosive fight. The group take shelter in a cave, during which they discover the artifact in question has strange and powerful magic. We learn more about the mysterious group Zysa and “The Iron Ward”. Kylar’s group continues scouting and recounting an ongoing conflict with the rebel group ‘The Severance”. A breakfast amongst the royal-family gets an unlikely intruder.

4 - The Seed

Sesame has increasingly more lucid and bizarre nightmares. The group sets to work making base and trying to repair the damaged caravan. Meanwhile, Kylar is summoned back to Northon for a briefing. His celebrity status garners a lot of attention but is cut short by a sobering reminder of what is at stake. Sesame gets injured in a battle with a monster. Farron to the rescue to patch her up and with some troubling information, he has gathered.

5 - Augmented

The group is attacked by kobolds and Claire gets intel about Proto. Sesame is visited by someone in her dreams with some startling information. Farron,Claire and Kibbles decide to venture into the cave to find out more. Sesame and Mason have a dramatic turn in their relationship. Farron and the others find a mysterious structure deep underground before finding a portal to Grand Mage Winsley’s house.

6 - The Red Approach

Zysa prepares its move as we are introduced to a new mercenary, Zeldane. Kylar recounts his time with Joel and meeting with Drayven. Valmont begins to put pressure on Drayven to facilitate his scheme. Sesame is distraught from her dreams and clings to Mason. Meanwhile, Claire wakes to find her fuel has been stolen and she cannot return home. Winsley and Kibbles speak of her past. Sesame is confronted on the road, running into a childhood friend, but reminecesing will have to wait as all hell breaks loose.

7 – Lock and Key

In the aftermath of battle, tensions about the new dangerous abound plague our group. Allegiances are made, pacts form and secrets kept. Our heroes with new perspective set out to find out more about the bigger factions at play, especially the rebel group known as The Severance. Meanwhile, with the state of his Kingdom wavering, political talks ensue as Prince Drayven is presented with a heavy choice for his country’s future.

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