UberQuest is a weekly fantasy, scifi, drama, adventure webcomic. It takes place in a realm known as Evyr (pronounced, Ever), inhabited by three major races, Fera (land mammals), Dahaki (dragon-folk), and Avions (bird-anthros). Ancient artifacts known as 'Ubers' are immensely powerful and coveted items in all the lands. So much so, many wars were waged as many nations and peoples have fought over control of their use of them. But with great power comes great consequences, so most had their terrible power buried deep within temples across the land. A young warrior named Sesame embarks on a quest of revenge and answers after her home is destroyed and her father killed. She meets many others on her quest - as they find themselves increasingly embroiled in the thick of the conflict. All the while trying to investigate the mystery behind the Ubers and just why the secrets were buried with them. War is brewing on the horizon, as political powers fight for control of Evyr. Can our heroes intervene or will the world tear itself asunder?


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The story of UberQuest follows Sesame, her life is turned upside down after her village is attacked by a group of raiders, her father is slaughtered in the mayhem. Homeless and alone, she embarks on a quest to find her sister Soya who will hopefully aid in finding out more information and enacting vengeance on behalf of her home. Along the way, she runs into a mage-in-training named Kibbles (Kibella), who was tasked by her teacher Grand Mage Winsley to seek out Sesame and follow her. Later, during a fight, they run into a mysterious futuristic teleporter holding Claire, an eccentric engineer, and her robot companion Proto, eager to return home.

The three also run into Farron ,a shady merchant rat out to get rich, and Mason a weary blacksmith venturing out on his own for the first time. Meanwhile, at the capitol of the Kingdom of Alder (Northon), Kylar a skilled archer and high-ranking knight, finds himself tasked with a covert mission to find a noble from Prince Drayven, who is next in line to the throne. Prince Drayven is approached by the ex-royal-mage and now Necromancer, Valmont, to make a secret allegiance to gain political power, using their undead army. King Alphonse Alder rules his Kingdom with an iron-fist, known as the mad King, he is becoming increasingly contentious.

An uprising rebellion, the Severance, lead by Captain Kilika Azura is directly opposed to King Alphonse's rule and actively fighting against it. Various factions and Kingdoms seem interested in ancient-artifacts known more commonly as Ubers. As well as a mysterious group is known as Zysa lead by a figure only known as The Omni. Along the way, the group finds themselves entangled in a world that is increasingly treacherous, with a war on the horizon, factions gaining power with an arms-race for the power source of the Ubers all while the past of Evyr is slowly unveiled.

About the Creators


Skidd is the main artist, co-creator, co-writer and letterer for the webcomic UberQuest. He has been active artist online since 2001 and joined the furry fandom in 2004. He is married to Phuufy.


Phuufy is the main writer, co-creator, colorist and co-artist for the webcomic UberQuest. She has been active online as an artist since 2002 and joined the furry-fandom in 2007. She is married to Skidd,

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